The era of using fiber optics in the field of network and communication has led to the discovery of testing instrument like OTDR, using which defects like splices, connectors, micro or macro-bends and fiber ends are identified and hence rectified. As the demand of these OTDR increases, many varieties of OTDR with different brand name are emerging in the industry.One such blooming manufactures called AFL have wide varieties’ of OTDR with unique functions. In the following section lets us discuss about AFL OTDR.

    Based upon the need and function of OTDR, AFL OTDR is of two types:

    Enterprise: MM/SM for LAN/WAN:

     M310 Enterprise OTDR:
    • TruEvent Technology incorporated.
    • Short dead zone performance.

     M710 Multifunction OTDR:
    • Handheld type OTDR.
    • Test network up to 180km long.

     M210e Enterprise OTDR:
    • Rugged, handheld, light weight.
    • Integrated with OPM and VFL functions.

    Service providers: SM for MAN/WAN/PON:

     FlexScan OTDR:
    • Smart Auto OTDR data acquisition, robust event analysis, and link Map display.
    • User friendly, portable and affordable price range.

     FLX380 FlexTester3 OTDR:
    • Rugged, had held and light weight.
    • Smallest and unique for Broadband network testing.

     OFL280 FlexTester:
    • Multi wavelength function mode.
    • Applied in the measurement of downstream FTTx power levels.

     CS260-10 OTDR:
    • Handheld type model.
    • FTTH PON troubleshooting.

    AFL OTDRis integrated with VFL, optical light source, and OPM. These are widely used to test FTTx PONs networks.


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