Optical time domain reflectometer shortly known as OTDR is the testing equipment used as testing tool by the technicians working in communication and networking field. Many OTDR are available in the market under different name. Among them,Agilent OTDR is the prime brand choose by the technicians is used widely in the networking field. TheAgilent OTDR, unlike other OTDR is designed based upon the vast experience and field knowledge in OTDR.
    With its E6000C mini OTDR and new N3900A modular tester Agilent OTDR holds first place in the competition list. The fiber testing work which initially consumed a weeks’ time is now completed within a day and also proper installation is ensured. The performance of Agilent OTDR is 5X faster than other one.

    Features of Agilent OTDR:

     Lightweight and elegant appearance.
     Rugged and hand held.
     User friendly OTDR
     Printing facilities available.
     Available as Mini and Hand held type

    Application of Agilent OTDR:

    The Agilent OTDR is functioning specific. The award winning notable user interface has made this OTDR wide application in fiber testing. Mainly these are used in fiber identification, loss and continuity testing. Apart from this, it acts as a tool for installing and commissioning fiber links and fault in it.

    Agilent OTDR principle:

    The working principle of the Agilent otdris very easy to understand and it is as follows:

     Fiber to be tested is choose.
     The fiber of interest is then connected to the OTDR machine.
     Short light pulse is send into the fiber.
     Time of incidence and reflection of the short light is measured.
     Based upon this value, the fiber is tested based on fiber loss like absorption, radiation loss and light scattering.

    Agilent OTDR Module:

    The Agilent OTDR is available as module and mainframes. Among the module and mainframes, mainframes are more advantageous and the available Agilent OTDR module is:

    • 1310nm 30dB SM laser module
    • 1310/1550nm 35/34dB SM laser module
    • 1310/1550nm 40/39dB SM laser module
    • 1310/1550 43/41dB SM for PON networks
    • 850nm/1300nm 26/34db MM laser module
    • 1310/1550/1625nm 40/39/37dB module


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