• EXFO FTB 150

    OTDR are the testing machines, used to know about the status of the fiber cables used in communication and networking field. Based upon the customer need wide ranges of OTDR are available in the market. The criterion for variety includes- wavelength, modes, weight, design, and of course price.

    EXFO FTB 150:

    EXFO FTB 150 is a compact OTDR housing any of EXFO’s  OTDR configurations. With the industry fastest acquisition time, EXFO FTB 150 is a multi-functional one. EXFO FTB 150 is small, lightweight and contains pre-installed features like fiber inspection probe, Optical power meter and VFL (Visual fault locater), and Macro bend finder.EXFO FTB 150 software is both automated and easy to use. Comes in four mode- Auto, Advanced, Fault finder and Template trace, according to the requirements.

    Types of EXFO FTB 150:

    Based upon the application EXFO FTB 150 is of the following types.

    Premises Network OTDRs:

     Includes FTB 150-Quad and FTB 150-MM.
     Designed especially for enterprise/private network test applications.
     Best for short distances.
     Available in two configuration:
    • Four wavelength model- two multimode wavelength (850 and 1300nm) and two single mode wavelength (1310 and 1550nm).
    • Two wavelength model- 850 and 1300nm.

    Long Range OTDR’s:

     Includes FTB-150 Metro and FTB-LH.
     Fiber testing specialist, which deliver accurate detection and analysis of fiber splices, connectors, breaks and other events along the fiber links.
     Best for greater distance.
     Available in single mode configuration: 1310, 1550 and 1625nm.

    Short Range OTDR’s:

     Includes FTB 150-FTTx and FTB 150-ACCESS.
     Best for access and FTTH network testing.
     Highly accurate event characterization.

    Application of EXFO FTB 150:

    Generally EXFO FTB 150 are applied
     To carry out tier 2 certification of premises network.
     To characterize the link during construction and installation.
     For efficient maintenance and troubleshooting.

    Key features:

     Rechargeable li-Ion battery with 8 hr. of operation as per Belcore TR-NWT-001138.
     Faster acquisition, processing and reporting with Flexible connectivity.
     Advanced TFT transflective display for great visibility under direct sunlight.
     File transfer and software upgrading through USB.
     USB A/A-B,RJ-45 and Bluetooth flexibility.


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