• ExfoMaxtester 715b

    Exfomaxtester series are handheld, single mode type, Non modulated OTDRs which are used in the testing of LAN/ WAN networks. It is the first OTDR with a tablet like appearance with 7inch display, widows firmware and rugged body design makes it fit to the outside environment testing.

    ExfoMaxtester 715b

    ExfoMaxtester 715b, one of the notable Otdr among the ExfoMaxtester series is highly sophisticated, entry-level, dedicated Otdr perfectly designed for testing of dark fibers. Dark fibers are unused fibers, which are pre-installed before its use. These fibers are used by the network service providers (NSPs) to support high speed data transfer in easy manner. These fibers are used to connect very huge distance network coverage.
    ExfoMaxtester 715b, are needed to locate a break or uncertain problem in a cable, to take an image of the fiber pre and post installation process. This images are obtained in the form of traces, with which the installers can get know the status of the fiber in terms of damage or improper function.

    IOLM ready:

    ExfoMaxtester 715b- comes in with magical and boon software called intelligent optical link mapper (iOLM) which makes the OTDR a masterpiece of its own. This software is user-friendly that it makes the trainee level techy to a highly expertise one. ExfoMaxtester 715b with iOLM software converts the complex Otdr traces into simple one and stores in the in built memory for after usage.

    Application of ExfoMaxtester 715b

    ExfoMaxtester 715b- are specifically employed in FTTx last mile installation and trouble shooting, short access network testing with distance ranging from 0.1 – 160km, FTTA fiber DAS installations and CATV/HFC networking testing.

    Key Features:

     Awesome battery life : Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery 12hrs of operation as per Telcordia (Bellcore) TR-NWT-001138.
     Power supply via AC/DC adapter , input-100-240 VAC, 50-60hz 9-16V DCIN 15W minimum.
     30/28 db dynamic range.
     Two different wavelength working mode- 1310nm/1550nm.
     2 USB 2.0 ports RJ-45 LAN 10/100 Mbit/s.
     2 GB storage capacity – approximately 20,000 traces storages.
     Affordable price.

  • EXFO Maxtester 715b

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