OTDR are the products generally designed as tool to help in fiber network testing. In the field of OTDR testing instrument the one and only brand name which rocking the industry at best is EXFO. According to the requirement and purpose of use, the EXFO has provided the customer with wide ranges of OTDRs. Let it be a single mode or double mode, long length or short you have finest variety of OTDRs available with EXFO. In that list, the most important one is EXFO MAXTESTER 720c.


    The EXFO MAXTESTER 720c is the industry’s prime OTDR With first time right fiber characterization facilities. Imitating a tablet in it appearance it combines single mode and multi-mode fiber testing in a dedicated manner. Generally these are applied for field testing for data centers, private/enterprise networks, FTTA and front haul deployments. Availability of Wi-Fi connectivity and high resolution inspection capabilities makes EXFO MAXTESTER 720c unit a complete and an integrated contractor tool.

    Application of EXFO MAXTESTER 720c:

     Access network construction and troubleshooting.
     FTTx/PON testing through splitters (up to 1*32).
     CO link certification.
     Data-Center and private networks.
     LAN/WAN characterization.
     Front haul/Back haul (FTTA, FTTT, remote radio heads, DAS and small Cells).


    EXFO MAXTESTER 720c is available in three models namely:

     MaxTester 720C OTDR SM/MM 850/1300/1310/1550nm 27/29/36/35db SC/UPC and SC/APC Max-720-Q1-QUAD-OTDR-EI-EUI-91-EA-EUI-91-RF.
     MaxTester 720C OTDR SM 1310/1550/1625nm 36/35/35db SC/UPC and SC/APC Max-720C-SM2-OTDR-EA-EUI-91-RF.
     MaxTester 720C OTDR SM 1310/1550/3635dbSC/APC Max-720-SM1-OTDR-EA-EUI-91-RF.

    Key Features:

     Handy, Light weight and Rugged design aptly suitable for outside plant.
     12 hrs. Battery life provides un intruppetd service.
     Live fiber testing at 1625nm.
     iOLM- ready: intelligent and dynamic application, making the complex work the simple one.
     Dynamic range of working. In single mode 36dB and in multi-mode 29dB.
     User friendly graphical user interface and windows 8.1 pro operating system.
     Multiple applications for file sharing, e-mailing, Skype, remote assistance etc.
     Event dead zone as low as 0.7m.
     2 GB memory (2,000 results).


  • Reflectometer which tests the integrity of fiber optic cables

    Technical support engineers who work in telecommunication and fiber optic network department should always use high quality otdr for assessing the spice loss and technical problems in the cable lines. These types of senior technicians who love using world class devices can buy exfo maxtester720c that is sold here. Buyers can use this wonder device for identifying the problems in long cables and recording the transmission loss data. Users can also record signal strength and document other important data that is connected to splice loss. The exfo 720c OTDR will send pulse of light down the fiber optic line and check the signal strength.
    Technicians can use this product at any point of time for testing and recording optic fiber signal strength. Customers can easily find out miniscule transmission loss that has occurred in cable network and rectify the problems quickly. This product which is getting best ratings from the customers uses light scattering technique to assess the fiber problems. Stay away from calibrated devices or obsolete devices and buy this fast selling exfo maxtester 720c which comes from the house of branded manufacturer. It stays strong and works for several years. Companies or technicians who buy one or many OTDR products here will enjoy free gift items, service coupon and training. Customers who are planning to buy one can quickly register on this site and start buying immediately. These freebies are limited period offers and visitors will miss these best discounts when they postpone buying.

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    These incredible products which come with advance features help to perform inspection, verification, troubleshooting and documentation. People who have not used these types of advance OTDRs can explore the videos and tutorials before buying some of the products that are sold here. Telephone engineers who are experts in optic cable networks will be able to identify major breakdowns in the long cable optic network lines and rectify all the problems quickly. These certified products which are built with fantastic features are priced cheaply for the benefit of the commoners. These OTDR have also passed compliance and quality standards. Explore the gallery and start buying these products.

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