Exfo Otdr Max 715b

  • Exfo Otdr Max 715b

    Optical time-domain reflectometers (OTDR) are an optoelectronic instrument used to certify new fiber installations. As an all-time favorite friend of network installation and maintenance technicians, ExfoOtdr Max 715bhelps to scan fiber optics networks from one end of the fiber, display a trace, locate and measures the detected events.

    ExfoOtdr Max 715b

    Imitating a tablet in its appearance, manipulated with built in pdf report generation software; acting as ExfoOtdr Max 715b an economical and exclusive model for CATV LCOs. Being small and handy, along with its attractive body design, these are working as the technicians’ best friend mainly in maintenance and network installation.

    Working Mechanism:

    ExfoOtdr Max 715b is a single mode OTDR with non-modulated hardware system, especially designed for dark fiber testing. It functions like RADAR. It sends a pulse, down the fiber and looks for a return signal from it and reflections from joints, creating “traces” and “signature” from the measurement of fiber. From these traces, the OTDR calculates fiber length, attenuations and joint loss.


    ExfoOtdr Max 715b, are devices specially manipulated for long cable plants. It is applied in testing of Last-Mile-Access links like CATV and telecom which helps you access your network data, upgrade, monitor and security test your next generations Networks and Data centers.
    The outdoor-enhanced display type with 800*40TFT, makes it an apt OTDR for outside plant environment.

    Key Features:

     Rechargeable lithium polymer battery, with long lasting life of 12 hrs. Typical.
     Power saver: Works with minimal power supply of o/p 16v and DC 15W.
     Available with 2X USB 2.0 ports and 1X RJ-45 interfaces.
     High Storage capacity of 20,000 Otdr traces.
     Available in single mode wavelength like 1310nm, 1550nm.
     With a pulse width of 5ns – 20micro s it gives adorable dynamic range but good resolution.
     Dynamic range is 30/28 db.

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