The OTDR of EXFO is gaining popularity because; the EXFO OTDR Price is very attractive. EXFO OTDR is readily available and is easy to use. No special training or catalog is required for understanding its usage. With EXFO OTDR in hand, the entry level trainer will feel himself as he is the master in field network testing. The EXFO OTDR isPRICED based upon the configuration, format types and the dynamic range.

    Here is the table showing the EXFO OTDR Price:

    MAX-715B 1,25,000
    MAX-710B 1,36,000
    MAX-715B-P 1,69,500
    MAX-720C 1,60,000
    MAX-730B 1,91,400
    MAX-730C 1,85,000
    MAXTESTER 720C 5,81,300
    FTB-1 2,56,069
    FTB-2 3,81,380
    FTB-720C 36,984
    FTB-7300E 3,58,946
    FTB-5500B 15,373
    FTB-5800 10,97,669
    FTB-7600E 2,56,390
    FTB-7500E 3,58,946
    FTB-500 5,65,019
    FTB-7400E 3,71,765
    FTB-200 52,880
    AXS-100 2,43,250
    AXS-110 4,51,951


  • Exfo OTDR Price

    Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) is a device which is used by telecommunication department for checking the signal strength of optic fiber cable lines. Professionals working as telecom engineers, mechanics and electrical contractors also use OTDR for identifying the problems in optic fiber lines. Visitors who are using outdated models can discard them and buy exfo otdr which comes with cutting edge technology. Hundreds of customers who are using exfo are happy with the advance features and touch screen methodology. Plenty of companies are also using exfo device and rectifying splice loss. This website which is selling ultramodern otdr for the past several years offers big discounts, incredible deal and offers.
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    Branded OTDRs that comes with wonderful ingredients

    Telecom industries, companies and business entities which are depending on fiber optic network will benefit a lot when they buy some of the OTDRs that are sold here. Visitors can get instant exfo otdr price when they send an email. This website has slashed the prices for all the products and visitors can enjoy maximum discounts and deal when they buy some of the products. People can choose by brands and prices and leave the site after buying one. Customers can test the signal strength of both the ends of the fiber channel when they use splicing machines that are sold here.
    The splicing machines which are sold here come in various designs, size and colors. Products that are sold here are inclusive of all taxes. Some of the consumables that are sold here are fiber cleaver, cleaver blade, electrode, battery unit and tester connectors. Engineers and mechanics can also buy light source, power meter, PON power meter, and visual fault locator. Hot deals are waiting for new and old customers and visitors can enjoy these deals when they buy some of the products here. Add to cart tons of products and enjoy maximum discounts. Customers who are having doubts about these models can dial the number that is shown here. Buyers can expect lifetime product warranty and guarantee and also service warranty for a limited period. Online customers can utilize the services of chat support executives who will readily support them and resolve their queries instantly. Sort by low to high, popularity, newness and high to low and buy one of the otdr immediately.

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