Optical time domain Reflectometer (OTDR) is a testing device used in testing of fibers that are mainly used in communication networks. Otdr testing is needed by all the field technicians to get an idea about the fibers that are installed for LAN/WAN communication. In many cases technicians are asked to show the Otdr traces paper report for customer satisfaction. EXFO OTDR is the pioneers in the field of manufacturing testing equipments used for fiber cable testing.

    Canli Shopping mart:

    We are the prime dealers of EXFO OTDR. Apart from other sites we provide the Branded OTDR at affordable price. Based upon the criteria and need factor, we provide wide ranges of EXFO OTDR. price. Based upon the criteria and need factor, we provide wide ranges of EXFO OTDR. The top selling OTDR list are as follows:

    Products Wavelength(dB) Features Price
    EXFO MAX-710B
    Application: Last Mile-Access links (CATV), Windows firmware, Internal storage of 20,000 OTDR traces, 12 hrs. Battery backup, Tablet inspired design, Built in pdf report generation.

    EXFO MAX-715B-P 34/32 Application: Last Mile-Access links(CATV & Telecom), Dark fiber testing type, Windows firmware, Internal storage of 20,000 OTDR traces, up to 2,56,000 sampling points, iOLM ready, Model for tele contractors.
    EXFO OTDR MAX-730B 39/37 FTTH/PON links and metro links (CATV & Telecom), Windows firmware, Internal storage of 20,000 OTDR traces, 12 hrs. Battery backup, Essential model for FTTH/PON link.

    The price list of entire EXFO OTDR are as follows:

    Exfo MAX-715B Single Mode 30/28 1,25,000 1,20,500
    Exfo MAX-710B Single Mode 30/28 1,36,000 1,33,280
    Exfo MAX-715B-P Single Mode 34/32 1,69,500 1,66,110
    Exfo MAX-720C Single Mode 36/35 1,60,000 1,56,250
    Exfo MAX-730B Single Mode FTTH/PON 39/37 1,91,400 1,87,572
    Exfo MAX-730C Single Mode FTTH/PON 39/38 1,85,000 1,81,000

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    Canli is one of India’s largest Otdr supplier in various brand like Exfo otdr, Deviser otdr , VIAVI and more on. We provide a best exclusive Exfo otdr product with high performance and quality services. We offer you a various services in the exfo otdr product range such as Exfo Otdr Max – 715B, Exfo maxtester – 715B , Exfo max tester– 720c, Exfo maxtester – 730c. Exfo is best innovative product Provide a maxtester in the engineer field. Canli exfo otdr product may produce a top services and high quality and easy to use, highly designed to your needs.

    Exfo otdr offers a field networking testing with the unique design like streamlining, automating etc. Exfo otdr id developed in a user friendly and make a OTDR To the next level.  Our Exfo otdr product such as maxtester 715B provide a excellent offer a best optical performance and troubleshooting of FTTx architectures and highly featured with Dynamic range of 30/28 db and can hold wavelength to 1310 /1550 nm and has a 12 hour autonomy.



  • High quality Exfo OTDR a testing device for fiber optic telecommunications

    Telecommunication engineer working in optic fiber department has to be use quality testing devices for checking the signal strength of optic fiber devices. These types of experienced mechanics or engineers can purchase some of the testing devices that are sold here. Built with advance features the exfo otdr that is shown on this site excels in all the parameters. Some of the stylish and useful features that are ingrained in this masterpiece testing device are Tablet Inspired Design, Built-in PDF report generation and Economical and Exclusive Model for CATV LCOs.

    Field workers who love carrying sophisticated optical fiber instruments will showcase interest to buy this dark-fiber testing product. Users can easily operate the touchscreen and test the signal strength. Artistically designed with splendid features this awesome product stands aloft in all respects. It is interesting to note that this fast-selling device can store 20000 OTDR traces. Customers who are using this high performance product has given best ratings and reviews to it and recommending the same to others. Some of the other interesting features this product has are dynamic Range of 30/28 dB (1310/1550 nm), dead zones: EDZ (1m), ADZ (4m), 12-Hours Battery Backup, FTTA Fiber DAS Installations, Short Access & CATV/HFC Network Testing.

    Big deal and discounts are going on for OTDR

    The term OTDR stands for Optical time domain reflectometers and these types of products are popular among mechanics, electricians and engineers. Visitors who are planning to buy this one and other products can expect limited period offers, discounts and special prices. OTDR is used to verify spice loss, find faults and measure length. High quality product that is sold here will inject beams of light and extract wonderful data from the instrument. Designed ergonomically with finest features that are sold here is worth buying and using.
    Testing specialists, mechanics, electricians, telecom engineers and others can stuff this light-weight product in the electrical kit and carry them anywhere. Users can collect, record and analyze the signal strength and find out the root cause of the problems when they start using this super quality product. This website which is getting rave reviews is also selling viavi otdr, deviser otdr, and yokogaway otdr.
    Technicians can also buy splicing machine, testing equipment and consumables which are priced reasonably. Individuals who are in need of bulk products can send a mail providing their requirements and wait for the response. Buyers will get fullest information about this multi-tasking and multi-functional device if they explore the description category. Exfo is an incredible otdr product which comes from the house of branded manufacturer. Explore the products patiently and choose some of the finest range of testing devices which are priced cheaply. Engineers can find continuous signal breaks, data loss, points of high loss and optical return loss when they use this product. High speed communications department, defense force, instrumentation and telecom departments and other offices which depend on optic fiber systems will benefit to a great extent when they purchase this product which comes with supreme features and best discounts.

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