An OTDR is precision instrument, used to locate faults in the fibers used for optical communication network. The links between access network and user networks requires application of these Otdr’s for its proper installations and maintenance.


    Exfo- Ftb 1 is handheld, modulated otdr, manufactured to assess the fiber networks in field environment. It pave ways to the frontline technicians to take field-testing ability to higher standards. Exfo-Otdr- Ftb 1, an user friendly, feather weight, highly sophisticated with Intel atom processor running with windows OS, fully hybrid and touch keypad makes it to suit any environment, in turn a being first choice for the field technicians. The inbuilt update manager software ensures that the device is up-to-date with latest software.

    Application ofEXFO OTDR-FTB-1

    Exfo-Otdr- Ftb 1 has wide application in Fiber to the home- FTTH testing and Ethernet testing. In these testing Exfo-Otdr– Ftb 1 are used to measure fiber links, locate fiber breaks, point of high lost, high reflectants, end-to-end loss and ORL. These otdr collects data’s from the field and perform rudimentary analysis giving the result in less span of time.
    With 1 gig Ethernet Exfo-Otdr– Ftb 1 are acting as a prime Ethernet testing devices. The wireless communication, windows remote assistance, and remote control features in it allows its usage anywhere as the collected data’s can be easily transferred to the PC with help of flexible connectivity like wi-fi, Bluetooth and USB ports. The VNC configuration of Exfo-Otdr- Ftb 1 supports in easy interaction to remote colleagues.

    Key Features:

     7inch color display with 800*480 TFT.
     Rechargeable lithium batteries with 8 hrs of operation as per Telcordia TR-NWT-001138.
     Appreciable storage capacity of 8gb-16gb internal memory.
     Available with 2 USB ports- RJ-45 LAN 10/100/1000 mbit/s. 1 port for fiber inspection port.
     Built in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.
     Works with AC/DC adapter, input 100-240V AC 50-60Hz, 1.6A, Output 24VDC,3.75A
     Smoothly works with 3rd party tools like wire shark, J.Perf, Network Stumbler


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