OTDR’s are the testing equipment which is generally employed to test the fiber cables used in communication and networking fields. With the OTDR, we can get a snapshot of the newly installed fiber. This snapshot gives information the technician, about splice loss, measurement length and faults if any available in the fiber. OTDR are most effective in testing long cables approximately 250mts or 800 feet or cable plate with splices.

    The first manufacturers who manufacture OTDR with high features and sell them for cheap or low price is Fluke networks. The fluke OTDR are available in the market as optifiber with unbelievable price ranges with sophisticated features. Fluke OTDR are generally available as a package than single testing alone.

    Price range of Fluke OTDR:

    The Fluke Otdr is available as kit, package or module. Because of this reason the Fluke OTDR price has fluctuation in terms with feature and specification:

    Fluke OTDR

    Fluke OTDR PRICE in Dollars

    Optifiber advanced MM Otdr package 15,984.27
    Optifiber MM certifying Otdr package 19,994.80
    Optifiber SR certifying MM Otdr package 26.243
    Optifiber pro inspector LL MM,SM OTDR 30,795
    Fluke-DTX-1800 Copper/Fiber/OTDR kit 32,949
    DTX compact Add-on OTDR kit 10,705
    Optifiber SM OTDR 9,103
    Optifiber MM OTDR 11,246
    Optifiber SM OTDR+PM+Loss/Length Module 10,174


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