The first manufacturers who manufacture OTDR with high features and sell them for cheap or low price is Fluke networks. The fluke OTDR are available in the market as optifiber with unbelievable price ranges with sophisticated features. Fluke OTDR are generally available as a package than single testing alone.

    Appreciable features of Fluke OTDR:

     Fluke otdr has smartphone user interface which is lacked by other OTDR.
     Used to test very short event and attenuation dead zones.
     Two fibers can be tested at once by SmartLoop technology.
     Available with Data center OTDR mode and Event map view.
     Linkware live compatibility.
     Multi-functional in action – Fiber testing, copper certification, FOL and more.

    Available Fluke OTDR:

    Optifiber advanced MM OTDR:
    • Best for Multimode fiber test, certification and documentation.
    • Auto OTDR mode available.

    OFP-100 M-W
    • Multimode type OTDR.
    • Connectivity by Wi-Fi.

    OFP-100 MI-W
    • Versive mainframe multimode type OTDR.
    • Calibration statement is readily available.

    • Optifiber Pro Quad OTDR.
    • Multi-mode and single mode type of OTDR.

    • SM/MM data center fiber testing.
    • Wi-Fi onnectivity.

    Other type of Fluke OTDR available includes:

    With gold support:

    • OFP-100-Q-W/GLD
    • OFP-100-QI-W/GLD

    Without gold support:

    • OFP-100-S-W
    • OFP-100-SI-W
    • OFP-CFP-MI-W
    • OFP-CFP-QI-W

    To know more about the other features of the fluke OTDR available in the market, kindly log in to Canli.in


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