Now a days OTDR are been widely used in the networking field by the technicians. Imitating a swiping machine in its appearance, FOT 930 MAXTESTER is Multifunction loss tester. This OTDR is a device act as single tool for all back reflection, fiber-length, and loss measurement needs.


    EXFO’s next generation OTDR, FOT 930 MAXTESTER is the all-in-one tool which enables the field specialists to perform task such as installing long-haul high-speed networks, testing 1310/1490/1550nm transmission in FTTH networks, performing multimode testing in enterprise networks, etc.
    Generally it is designed to help network service providers address CAPEX and OPEX issues, enable installers to easily adapt to all network types and provide CATV operators with a single-unit solution to their back reflection, fiber-length, high-power and bidirectional loss measurement needs.With help of video fiber inspection probes, FOT 930 MAXTESTER enables the easy detection of dirty or damaged connectors, providing a clear view of connectors.

    All-in-one Unit: Combination of eight units into one tool:

     Loss meter
     Power meter
     ORL meter
     Visual fault locator
     Multimode and single mode light sources
     Digital talk set
     Fiber-length meter
     Video fiber inspection probe.

    Advantage of FOT 930 MAXTESTER

     Fast, three wavelength loss and ORL testing.
     User configurable pass/fail thresholds for error free testing.
     GeX detector, for high power measurement up to +26dBm.
     Talk set and VFL options.
     Ease of use, for faster testing, reduced training, minimum error potential.
     FTTx-Ready.
     Point to multipoint testing with multiple referencing.

    Key Features of FOT 930 MaxTester:

     FasTest Function.
     Easy to use and ergonomic.
     Standard data reporting features.
     Online help menu and multilingual interface, for enhanced user friendliness.
     Many features for low cost.
     No offset nulling required.
     Storage of over 1000 complete test reports, with automated report generation.
     Large 320*240 color screen.

    Canli provide a next generation of OTDR called as FOT 930 Maxtester, is the all-in-one tool which enables performance such as installing long-haul high-speed networks, testing 1310/1490/1550nm transmission in FTTH networks….


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