An optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) is a testing instrument which is generally used to test the fibers, generally optic fiber used in communication and networking field. As these are placed underground, their status checking needs testing instruments like OTDR. We have three types of OTDR, namely Full-Feature, Hand-held OTDR and RTU.

    Handheld OTDR:

    Handheld or mini OTDR is the testing instrument used to test the status of fiber before and after installation. It operates with battery power.Handheld OTDR along with internet connection makes it an inexpensive tool for the field technicians.


    Handheld OTDR available in the market is enriched with the following features:
     Less expensive.
     User friendly that is it is easy to use.
     When connected with PC base software, these OTDR acts as sophisticated one.
     Easy to carry and highly portable.
     It is special kit for technicians working in communication sectors.


    Handheld OTDR is applied in data collection and analysis process related to the fiber used in communication sectors. Apart from this they are designed in such a way that it trouble shoot field environment’s fiber network. Fiber links measurement, fiber breaks location, ORL, end to end loss, Point of high loss and high reflectance are its other uses.

    List of Handheld type OTDR:

    OTDR JW3302 by Alternetivo:
     dB: 32/32, 30/28
     Single mode fiber type.
     1310/1550 wavelength.

    OTDR FCST080604 by FCST:
     650nm configuration.
     Data interface: USB/RS-232.
     Battery backup of 8 hours.

    OTDR OFL280 Flex Tester by AFL:
     In-built OPM, VFL, and OLS options.
     Single mode fiber type.
     Available as standard or PON modes.

    OTDR Noyes M210 by AFL:
     dB: 30
     Single mode fiber type.
     Event dead zone: 1.5m


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