Now days the OTDR usage has increased as all the field technician are in need to provide the status of the fiber cables before and after installation of it into the ground. The demand for OTDR has highly increased. In order to meet the demand requirement many Companies have started to manufacture the OTDRS. In market we find many Types of OTDR based on formats and configuration


    AFL Telecommunication, the pioneers in the OTDR manufacturing and designing has provided the field testing industry with NOYES OTDR. NOYES OTDR is used to infer the fiber optic status pre and pro installation and locate faults in the network. NOYES OTDR is generally used in FTTXPONs testing and is available in two different configurations, namely single mode and Multi-mode.

    List of Available NOYES OTDRs:

     Noyes C850 OTDR
     Fully featured Quad OTDR
     Integrated with PM, LS, VFL
     Available as SM or MM

     Noyes C860 OTDR
     Handheld type OTDR.
     Quad OTDR
     Built in auto test functionality.

     Noyes CS260 Contractor OTDR
     Handheld, cost effective.
     Trouble shooting of FTTxPONs and point to point metro/access networks.

     Noyes FlexScan OTDR:
     Apt for beginners as well as expert technicians.
     Comes with Smart Auto modes to make the work easy
     Troubleshoots optical network.

     Noyes FLX380 OTDR:
     Single mode OTDR
     Small, light weight
     Integrated with PM, LS, VFL.

     Noyes M210 OTDR:
     Rugged, light weight and handheld.
     OPM and VFl integration.
     Supports DFS 1 digital fiberscope software.

     Noyes M310 OTDR:
     Suitable for testing, troubleshooting, and documenting fiber traces.
     User friendly, integrated with OPM, VFL
     Supports DFS 1 digital fiberscope software.


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