Optical time domain reflectometer shortly known as OTDR is the testing equipmentused as testing tool by the technicians working in communication and networking field. Many OTDR are available in the market under different name. Among them OTDR EXFO, the prime brand choose by the technicians is used widely in the networking field. The OTDR EXFO, unlike other OTDR is designed based upon the vast experience and field knowledge in OTDR.

    Key Features of OTDR EXFO:

    OTDR EXFO is User-friendly.
     Provides cent percent accurate result.
     iOLM ready OTDR.
     Available in two configurations: Single mode and Multi-mode.
     Formats: Handheld or modular.
     Latest innovative techy OTDR at Appreciable price.

    Varieties of OTDR EXFO:

    The OTDR EXFO has wide ranges of OTDR based on two factors. First is application based and secondly it is Configuration and Dynamic range.

    The following is the list Of OTDR EXFO based upon their application, which makes your choosing work easier.


     FTB-2
     FTBx-720C
     FTB-1
     FTB-720C
     Maxtester 720C


     FTB-7300E
     AXS-100
     AXS-110

    Metro/CWDM/Long Haul

     FTB-5500B
     FTB-5800
     FTB-7500E
     FTB-500
     FTB-7400E
     FTB-200


     FTB-7600E

    The list of OTDR EXFO based on Configuration and Its Dynamic range:

    Exfo MAX-715B Single Mode 30/28
    Exfo MAX-710B Single Mode 30/28
    Exfo MAX-715B-P Single Mode 34/32
    Exfo MAX-720C Single Mode 36/35
    Exfo MAX-730B Single Mode FTTH/PON 39/37
    Exfo MAX-730C Single Mode FTTH/PON 39/38

    Fast Moving OTDR EXFO:

    The high performer OTDR EXFO which has won the heart of many frontline technicians isexclusivelyavailable in CANLI MART. It includes:

    Products Wavelength(dB) Features
    EXFO MAX-710B
    Application: Last Mile-Access links (CATV), Windows firmware, Internal storage of 20,000 OTDR traces, 12 hrs. Battery backup, Tablet inspired design, Built in pdf report generation.

    EXFO MAX-715B-P 34/32 Application: Last Mile-Access links(CATV & Telecom), Dark fiber testing type, Windows firmware, Internal storage of 20,000 OTDR traces, up to 2,56,000 sampling points, iOLM ready, Model for tele contractors.

    EXFO MAX-730B 39/37 FTTH/PON links and metro links (CATV & Telecom), Windows firmware, Internal storage of 20,000 OTDR traces, 12 hrs. Battery backup, Essential model for FTTH/PON link.



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