OTDR is testing equipment which is highly used in networking field. Due to tremendous application of fibers in networking and communication firm, there testing before and after installation becomes a mandatory step for the field technicians. As the applications of this OTDR Machine are increasing day by day, their demand is also increasing by manifold. To fulfill the upcoming demand, many companies with expert assistance have involved in manufacturing of OTDR Machines.

    Connecting the OTDR Machine to a Fiber:

    Proper and specific method of OTDR machine and fiber connection is very crucial. Based on the need, there are three ways of connection:

    1. Direct method:
    In this method, the fiber is directly connected to the Otdr machine at the testing hole.

    2. Patch cord:
    If the fiber to be tested is mounted on the surface, this method is recommended.

    3. Pigtail with bare end:
    If the fiber which has to be tested has no connectors this method is applied.

    OTDR machine principle:

    The working principle of the otdr machine is very easy to understand and it is as follows:

     Fiber to be tested is choosed.
     The fiber of interest is then connected to the OTDR machine.
     Short light pulse is send into the fiber.
     Time of incidence and reflection of the short light is measured.
     Based upon this value, the fiber is tested based on fiber loss like absorption, radiation loss and light scattering.

    The brands of OTDR available in the market are:

     USB OTDR

    The OTDR with different brand name is used by the field technicians. The testing device act as major boon to the technicians of networking and communication field.


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