OTDR’s are the testing equipment which is generally employed to test the fiber cables used in communication and networking fields. With the OTDR, we can get a snapshot of the newly installed fiber. This snapshot gives information the technician, about splice loss, measurement length and faults if any available in the fiber. OTDR are most effective in testing long cables approximately 250mts or 800 feet or cable plate with splices.
    JDS Uniphase, the company who are pioneer designing and manufacturing products for optical communication network. Having its headquarters situated at Milpitas, California, it is exporting its products all over the world. Currently the OTDR JDSU is available in the name of VIAVI Otdr. With innovative latest technology, this company is now releasing another series of OTDR called Smart Otdr.

    Why it is called smart OTDR:

    The following features make these series of OTDR as smarter one:

     Different combination of essential fiber test capabilities.
     Supportive features like fiber end face inspection, optical power measurement, VFL,
     Connectivity features like USB, Bluetooth and WIFI.
     Smart link mapper application makes it even smarter.
     Anywhere accessibility is additional feature of this OTDR.
     Enabled with StrataSync.

    Application of Smart OTDR:

    The smart OTDR series of VIAVI has wide application in testing field. It is widely used in the application of:
     Point to point fiber access.
     FTTH feeder qualification and drop cables.
     FTTA front haul troubleshooting.
     Applied in Underbuilding of single mode enterprise networks.

    The JDSU powered smart OTDR has tremendous features like automatic macro bend detection; summary result table with pass/fail analysis, Fast report on board report generation, user interface with smartconfig error-free settings is appreciable advantage of this smart otdr. Apart from these features, the price ranges of these series are really appreciable. Based upon the configuration and mode, their price ranges are really appreciable.


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