FUJIKURA FSM-70R 12F Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicing Machine

FUJIKURA FSM-70R 12F Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicing Machine

Incorporating proven ruggedized features pioneered by Fujikura, has added automated and enhanced user control features to increase splicing efficiency with user programmable, automated wind protector and new auto-start “clamshell design” tube heater applies heat to both sides of splice protection sleeve resulting in a total splice process time of approximately 55 seconds! Ruggedness & durability are greatly enhanced by a mirror-less optical system & “severe-impact resistant” monitor. High contrast 4.7” display. Battery Backup: 110 splices. An innovative transit case doubles as a built-in or mobile workstation and makes splicing easier than ever before.

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Product Title FUJIKURA FSM-70R 12F Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicing Machine
Part Number FSM-70R 12F
Fiber Count Upto 12F Ribbon Fiber
Alignment Type Clad Alignment
Application Telecom
No. of Heater Single Heater
Integrated Functions Stripping : with separately supplied Manual Fiber Stripper.
Cleaning : with separately supplied IPA Can.
Cleaving : with separately supplied Fiber Cleaver.
Splicing : Built-in with Splicing Machine.
Heating : Built-in with Splicing Machine.
Fiber Dimension Cladding Diameter: 125µm
Coating Diameter: Single (250µm & 900µm), Ribbon (0.25 to 0.4mm)
Fiber Cleaved Length 10mm
Splice Process Time Splicing: 15 sec (Typical, with standard SM fiber)
Heating: 40 sec (Typical, FP-5 sleeve)
Splice Loss SMF: 0.05dB, MMF: 0.02dB, DSF: 0.08dB and NZDSF: 0.08dB
Internal Programs Splice Mode: 100
Heating Mode: 30M
Fiber View Two CMOS Cameras. X/Y or both X&Y View (35-90x magnification).
Tension Test 1.96-2.25N
Display Size 4.7 inch
Display Type TFT Colour LCD
Touchscreen Not Available
Operation Access Front Panel Buttons
Internal Data Storage Last 2,000 Splice results
Electrode Life 1500 Arcs/Splices
Self Diagnostic Test Available (Built-In).
Built-in Operational Demo Available
FTTH Splice On Connector (SOC) SOC Splicing possible (with Optional Fiber Holder).
Remote Maintenance/Control Available
Interfaces USB2.0 (USB-B) Port and Mini-DIN
Power Supply AC/DC Adapter (O/P: 12V/5A & 20V/1A)
(DC O/P Pin: Proprietory type)
Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium Ion (User Removable)
Battery Backup 110 cycles (typical, from full charge)
Power Sources AC/DC Adapter, Battery and External Car DC Supply (with Optional Car Lighter Cable).
Other Features Industry Proven Design, Standardised GUI, Automated Wind Protector, Automated Heater and FTTH Splice-On-Connector (SOC) compatible.
Dimension 146 x 159 x 150 mm (Equipment only)
Weight 2.5 kg (Equipment, incl. Battery)
Standard Accessories :
Splicing Machine (1No) FSM-70R 12F
AC/DC Adapter (1No) ADC-18 with (1No) DCC-18 Battery Charging Chord
Sleeve Loader (1No)
Spare Electrode (1pair) ELCT2-20A
Battery Pack (1No) BTR-09)
Alcohol Dispenser (1No) IPA Can
Cooling Tray (1No) CT-01(40mm)
Manual Stripper (1No) HJS-02 Thermal/HOT Jacket Stripper
Fiber Cleaver (1No) CT-30
Fiber Holder (1pair) FH-50-12 12F Ribbon Fiber Holder
Toolbox (1No)
User Manual (1No) User Guide
Carrying Case (1No) CC-30 Hard Case/Box
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