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    Grandway OFI-3
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    GRANDWAY OFI-3 Live Fiber Detector (Live Fiber Identifier)

    One button meter, convenient, easy to use and portable instrument designed to detect optical signals without disrupting traffic, based on non-destructive macrobending technology, doesn’t disrupt traffic or damage or overstress the fiber, enabling efficient, accurate and reliable testing by simply clamping onto a fiber and easily audible buzzer indication function for trouble free usage. Transmission direction indication. Intensity display of optical signal with dedicated bar LED. Detects a variety of optical tones, 270Hz, 1kHz and 2kHz. Compatible with 250µm, 900µm & 3mm fiber/cable. Battery backup of 500 tests.

     25,450.00  22,500.00 (incl.GST)
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