The demand for OTDR has highly increased. In order to meet the demand requirement many Companies have started to manufacture the OTDRS. In market we find many Types of OTDR based on formats and configuration. USB OTDR is the testing equipment designed especially for fiber fault detection. USB OTDR working mechanism is such that it sends laser pulse into the fiber under test and picks up the scattered optical signals by avalanche photodiode.

    USB OTDR specialty:

    The application programme commands OTDR from the computer, as a result the unit act as OTDR and gets the data back through the USB connection.USB OTDR has three types of application window which are as follows:
     Event Handling window:
    Helps in parameter setting, measurement data storage and event analysis processing.
     Event mapping window:
    Maps the acquired traces in a short duration.
     Meter window:
    Provides laser light source and light detection function.

    USB OTDR Application:

    USB OTDR is best for:
     Optical fiber installation
     Maintenance
     Field construction
     On-site fault location analysis.

    Technical specifications of USB OTDR:

    USB OTDR is available with 3 wavelength options- 1310/1490/1550/1625+/-20nm.
     USB OTDR is used to test single mode fiber.
     Contains internal rechargeable Li-ion battery.
     +/- 4dB return loss accuracy.
     10/30/100/300ns pulse width.
     Sampling point: 8k/16k/32k/64k/128k.

    Features of USB OTDR:

     Compact.
     Cost Effective.
     Plug and play type OTDR.



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